10 reason to have your own blog

Starting your own blog rather than planning out anything else in the field of writing is the best and highly preferred options. It is believed that if you can write emails, you can create your own blog. There are free blog and paid blog.

Top 10 prime reasons why having your own blog is a preference

1. It is easy to make a blog

Creating a blog does not contain any complications. It is easy as you are just required to get an idea of what can customize your blog. Once you have a hard grip on it, you can customize it with different options of themes, Plugins, and the main content. When you are creating a blog using WordPress, you do not even require knowledge of HTML or website development.

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Free blog
You can create  free blog  using popular blogging platforms  such as; wordpress.com, blogspot.com, tumblr.com, medium.com, weebly.com and much more. Creating free blog is as easy as creating facebook account.

Paid Blog
To create a self-hosted blog using your desired domain name, you need to buy one domain name using credit-card. After that, you need to choose a good hosting provider such as; Siteground, Blue Host, Host Monster etc. We recommend  free theme or template for beginners.

reason why i should make a blog

Create your own blog using wordpress

2. Blogging helps you improve your writing skills

When you start writing on your blog, you try to explore more and more. Once you have created your own ideas, you try to put them in words to communicate with the world. We can say blogging improves your writing skills as you can express your thoughts better and better in a written form. You gain a regular writing habit and tend to improve your grammar as well as your writing style. While writing your own blog, you also tend to read other blogs which helps you enhance your writing skills. Blogging is known to be a struggle against your laziness.

3. Blogging makes you a finer person

We can say about blogging as an ability to make a better person because it makes you think about the content that you put up on your blog. You do not think from your perspective, but the viewpoint of the entire world is taken into consideration. Your visions broaden up. Obviously, you attain excellent writing and communication skills, but it also helps you open up more that can be helpful somewhere in the future.

4. It can turn out to be your avocation

If you like browsing a lot on the web and doing different stuff there, then blogging has a high possibility to prove to be of your interest. Try to explore about making a blog. Numerous tutorials help you find how to create blogs. You can refer them and try creating a blog. Blogging helps you learn a lot of things. You never know it can turn out to be your hobby, or later on you take it as your full-time profession.

5. Helpful for readers

Blogging is a medium that lets you spread knowledge and share ideas and information regarding varied topics. If you are searching for particularly related information, these blogs help you by being visible in the search engine to share the blogger’s suggestions with them. Thus, blogs are said to have their own value for the content written. It also helps the writers in their communication, reading and writing skills and on the other hand, helps the readers with more and more information on a particular topic.

6. Earn enormously

Blogging is one of the great ways to make some money. Initially, it becomes difficult to make money, but once you have a good amount of traffic and have built of your blog correctly, you will start earning. People are seen to choose to blog as their daily livelihood earning methods and have managed to make a good amount of money. There are many ways of earning income through your blog. Some of the major income sources are advertising income, affiliate income, promoting products, subscriptions from your daily readers and selling services. People sell services such as coaching, mentoring or consulting services. Another option available is selling your blog. If you look forward to making one-time money with a high amount, you can also prefer selling your blog.

how do people earn from blogging

How to make money from blog

7. Elevation to better opportunities

Blogging is a method that can lead you to a huge number of possibilities through self-promotion by being an expert of your own blog. A blog can also be used as a tool that can help you channel or promote yourself and can help you get jobs at higher positions from your employers. It actually can open up unexpected doors of life.

8. Blogs are a predilection of Google and can help you as your business supplement

If you have a business, your blog can help you promote it, spread awareness, and even let you share your idea about it. Suppose, you have an e-commerce platform, or you are selling your services, you can have a blog page related to the services that help you share interesting stories and all the relevant information relating to your business. Blogs reveal a lot about the company. When you have created a blog, Google will go through your blog and rank you in the search engine. Now when someone looks for the same content requirement, it will appear in the search results. Thus, one can enjoy more traffic only through search engine optimization.

9. Blogging serves as a communicational aid

When people are busy working actively in blogging, they usually don’t get time to sit over social media websites and chat with their loved ones. Blogs are an excellent way to stay connected with your friends, relatives, and other family members. This is because they can read your blogs and know more about you. You can communicate all your activities, ideas and thoughts to them through your blog posts.

10. It can be a perspective to change the world with positive thoughts

Some blogs have the ability to alter the negatives into the positives. Through you blog, you can share your idea about how you can get rid of a negative situation and stay in a positive environment. For example, some blogs speak about the social conditions of the middle class and poor people. Though these posts can also be shared on the social media with the aim of bringing change, when you have made your blog popular enough for people to visit you, you can really help.The above reasons help us know why blogging should be preferred. Blogging is seen to be one of the best options for those who love freelancing and exploring new stuff in the internet world.

The above reasons help us know why blogging should be preferred. Blogging is seen to be one of the best options for those who love freelancing and exploring new stuff in the internet world.

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