Dis advantage of Canon EOS 5D mark IV

10 reason why not to buy canon EOS 5D mark IV

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV release has been announced and it is coming with a huge set of new features and updates from older series. It includes refinements in performance, image quality and versatility. It is going to be a most recognizable camera for the photographers and landscape shooters as well as videographers. The value and versatility of this camera in the powerful legacy of the 5D series offers a great fanfare and a strong demand.

If you are planning to buy this new Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark IV then you must read this article before buying it. This article features the disadvantages of Canon EOS 5D Mark IV over the other versions.

The disadvantages and drawback of Canon EOS 5D Mark IV over the other versions:

1. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV lacks 4K Video features

Canon 5D mark IV has a nice 4K Video but it lacks a lot of features that professional Photographers and Videographers would like to use. There is no slow motion in 4k video. The reason is high frame rate with 100/120fps and it is limited to 720p quality. It is disappointing because

2. Crop Factor in 4k video mode

The major con’s of this Canon 5D mark IV is it’s crop factor when shooting in 4K. The 1.74x crop factor is not suitable to produce desirable results. This causes difficulty to properly frame and produce a nice video. The lens crop option is not great for stills and swapping of videos. It is only good for shooting a video exclusively. In full HD mode with 720p one can shoot in full frame.

3. There is No C-log feature

Another back log of this new release of Canon is C log. As a result, footage is in a smaller and more compressed codec. When compared with other older Versions of Canon cameras, this is the common feature which is not solved till now. Many companies have been adding their log after their release of a camera. It hampers the ability to grade footage.

4. File Production system

The compression type is MJPEG which means it requires a bunch of memory cards. You need to buy a lot to fill them rapidly. This can be annoying and time-consuming when it comes to shoot a video for an event of high volume of shots.

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MJPEG codec
The codec pulls the canon down when compared with its competitors. The Canon MJPEG codec operates. It is unfortunate that MJPEG uses the same compression as that of JPEG for stills. The previous mark III has a code of 4:2:0 and there is not much advancement in the mark IV only an improvement as it 4:2:2.

4GB Limit
Another issue with the file production system is its limit. The camera has a feature to create a number for files shot on a video run over 4GB basing on the time of recording. But it increases the work post completion of shooting the video.

what are the Cons for canon EOS 5D mark IV

Canon EOS 5D mark IV Body

5. There is  no peaking

Another con for Canon 5D mark IV is that there is no focus peaking feature. When buying a costly product, everyone expect to have a peaking feature and a host of other useful functions. Canon should have added the AF for video and it does not have a color based focus peaking. It has a backlog in recording as it has no punch in zoom.

In 5D Mark IV magnify view drops back to 1x view when shooting a video. So it is only usable when composing the shot before the original shooting.

There is also a problem when shooting in 35:1, there are no screen overlays. If you want a dynamic focusing for a video shot, then you need to adopt a viewfinder loupe or go for an outboard EVF or monitor.

7. There is No tilt screen in Canon EOS 5D mark IV

The most annoying part of this camera is it does not have the tilt screen. Many cheap cameras are providing this option. For example, in astrophotography the camera is fixed in a low position to the ground. With the lack of the tilt screen, it becomes harder for a photographer to make composition and focusing. As we know that Astrophotography requires featuring photos that require more than half of the frame featuring sky. So it’s common to place the canon camera on the ground so that the foreground subjects are situated against the sky. But with this camera’s you will find difficulty. Strangely, the cheaper APS-C offerings by Canon Company such as EOS 60D and EOS 70D both have tilt screens.

8. There is No built-in intervalometer

This is honestly the major con of this Canon EOS 5D mark IV is built in intervalometer. It requires only a minimal time for development and needs no extra hardware but many manufacturers are not making this software.

Due to this disadvantage, one has to buy additional accessory for making the time-lapse sequences or they need to install custom firmware hack like magic lantern. If you’re serious about time lapse creation and you own a Canon camera, Magic Lantern is a must for you. We wonder why Canon is not offering all the functionality offered by the magic lantern.

9. Enabling  GPS in Canon EOS 5D mark IV drains the battery fast

This became a common problem for every digital product in the market. If you like the idea of geo-tagging your photos and enabling GPS then your battery will suffer. To solve this problem, you need to disable it to save your battery life for long time.

It needs extra effort to enable this thing before shooting and if you don’t bother this then it will make an awesome feature.

10. Wi-Fi remote control is slow and clunky

The Wi-Fi feature is very useful for photographers. But it is slow which is not practical as a professional tool. The image lags far behind and the connections. With the help of the remote software, it has no way to override the mode dial section. It means if you want to switch from aperture priority to manual exposure mode, you will need to go back to handle the camera.

Hope this article helps you while buying the Canon EOS 5D mark IV.

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