importance of html5 for website SEO

4 reason why to use valid html5

HTML 5 is the new standard version of the HTML. It is designed to do everything you want to create online without of new plugins. Well, it offers same features from its previous versions but there are many new features that enable you to save your time along with easy and simple coding. Today let’s discuss, about the importance of valid HTML5 for website.

Reasons why to use valid html5

1. Smarter Storage

The first and best, thing about the HTML5 is its new local storage feature.  It is much better than cookies. The reason is it stores cached data even after closing the browser. Cookies are used to track unique user date but they can have a measurable impact on the response time. The biggest error is that all of your cookie data is added to every HTTP request header.

HTML5 covers few features from client side database and regular cookies. It provides a feature to store the data across multiple windows. As a result, it helps for better performance and security and it increases the page load speed. HTML5 enables us to store the structured data temporarily. It consists two different storages such as local and session storage.

2. Offline Caching

HTML5 brings entirely a new thing to the world of digital, it introduces offline caching. For example, you open your computer and wanted to visit the last webpage that was opened by you. But the browser did not cache the page as the internet is not connected or may be your internet happens to go down.However, HTML solves this problem by offline caching, the webmaster can specify the files that he wants to cache and even after refreshing the page it loads correctly.

However, HTML solves this problem by offline caching, the webmaster can specify the files that he wants to cache and even after refreshing the page it loads correctly. This reduces the load on server and offline browsing with files loading faster than ever in server.

Reason to use HTML5 for better blogging


3. Mobile Optimization

Still not convinced that you should use HTML5 for your website, and then you must read this one. It is optimized for mobiles. Mobiles are the common device which is used by most of the people in the world. Many use mobile internet to access websites and to collect any information. So, it is a must that your website and application should be mobile optimized if you want more and more users.

The main aim of HTML 5 is to make easier for designers; it provides easy front ends, drag and drop tools, discussion boards, wikis and other useful elements.

Responsive websites are built easily with the HTML5 with full functionality across all types of mobile devices. It is easy to design and construct applications and websites for mobile devices.

Some Meta tags which make HTML5 more responsive are:

  • Full-screen browsing is allowed for apple mobiles with IOS specific values.
  • Home screen Icons is useful to add favorites on the mobile devices.

This makes your site accessible across all platforms.

You can also develop the games with the help of HTML5 canvas (<canvas>) tag. Thus helping people who are excited about creations of mobile-friendly apps are filled with fun and interactive games.

4. Neater Code and Accessibility

HTML5 enables  to create a cleaner code which is easy to read and simple to use with elegant in look. If you are interested in presenting your website in a simple and easy to understand, then you should use or choose Valid HTML5 blog theme.

It helps  to built and optimized code which helps in search engine readability. When search engines like Google, Bing are able to ‘understand’ the code of a website more easily, it usually translates into higher search rankings. It will increase the website traffic in return. It also includes some new features such as <video>, <audio>, and <canvas> elements. With these it will be easy to integrate the multimedia and graphical content to web flash and third party plugins.

There are two benefits of the HTML5 coding. One is Semantics and ARIA. The tags are well organized with heading like <header>, <footer>, <nav>, <section> and many other tags allow readers to easily access the content. With the new version of HTML, readers can examine the HTML document which gives them a better experience for those who use them.

ARIA is a W3C spec that is majorly used to assign specific roles to the elements present in the HTML document. HTML5 validated all these attributes. It is important for creating landmarks on the page such as header, article, footer ,and many more.


HTML5 is coming with new features such as cleaner code, mobile, and video support along with Geolocation support and other benefits like Client-side database and Offline Application cache which you will definitely enjoy. Start using it, if you are not started using it till now.

Hope you start using HTML5 blog theme for better performance and better SEO.

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