Canon EOS 700D disadvantage

6 reasons not to buy Canon EOS 700D

When it comes to the point of buying a camera for your personal use, some of the most demanding reasons that you need a camera go beyond the fact that you want clear and awesome images. It cuts across many aspects and this is the reasons that will either encourage you to buy one brand over the other. Some of these aspects may be minor and others major depending on the type of work you have for the camera. Some brands may give you worth features to go for but can’t guarantee your camera a longer life like others does, thus making you consider what will best suit your demands. 0other brands guarantee you everything you want from a camera but their price gets a little higher than your budget. All this are some of the things that you debate along with different brands of a camera until you get to a conclusion of what to take home. Some of the most popular  entry level DSLR camera are Canon EOS 1300D, Canon EOS 700D and Nikon D5200

Here are some of the reasons : why you should not consider buying canon EOS 700D

1. Drawback of Canon EOS 700D – There is  No WI-FI connection

In today’s market, everything is turning digital; therefore the kind of images you are taking should not be left behind as well. When you buy a canon EOS 700D camera, simply means you will be behind technology since you will not have the chance to connect your camera to the world in terms of remote connection. In other words, if you want to cover your event by connecting your camera to your Smartphone or tablet for easy uploading on Instagram and other social sites, then you are not lucky when you are using this camera. Its features do not all connection to other gadgets which is to say you will have to go back to the manual uploading style.

Drawback of canon EOS 700D

Canon EOS 700D

Canon EOS 700D Sensor

Canon EOS 700D maintains the old age sensor resolution of 18MP as opposed to most of other competitors on the same level.  If only they could extend the sensor to at least ISO 25,600 the hybrid AF performance of the camera would be exceptional.  But because of that maintenance, the performance becomes underrated and closely ranges at the same level with the previous camera of EOS 650D. For the price, it would be much more effective if only the manufacturers would have taken much consideration to the internal features of the camera and improve on them rather than improving just external features and hike the price.

Disadvantage of Canon EOS 700D – Slow Processor

EOS 700D, features are amazing. However, when the processor does not promise a good performance of the gadget, the simple definition of the instrument is that it does not fit the job. With a slow processor on the camera, it generally dictates the whole performance and runs the conclusion that it cannot give you the service you want with 100% assurance of quality images.


When you are in the video mode the cameras lens becomes so slow to focus which ends up giving you a low-quality experience. If you are looking for a camera that will help you in doing commercial videos, then this is a very wrong choice to make.  In every production, Having the ability to capture every moment is very important, when you can’t have control over what you want to capture then automatically you will find yourself out of business since you don’t have the right tools to help you achieve your goals.

Canon EOS 700D is a Repacked 650D

Although stories are there about how the camera is a hybrid, general information of the camera rotates around the previous make of 650D. If you have EOS 650D, then you don’t have to run to the shops again for an upgrade with 700D. There is no need to pay more for the same services you can get from what you already have in your hands.

Disadvantage of Canon EOS 700D

Canon EOS 700D Body

Limited burst mode

If you are the outgoing type, someone that likes everything along the way and thinks it is worth a memory then investing your money on this gadget is as good as wasted money.  The camera has very limited burst shooting ability in raw mode. With a limited burst shooting, you cannot take a capture of any moving creature while you go hiking or even have a chance to capture a nice try from your favorite rugby player during a live match. This limitation prevents you from keeping memories that are worth remembering throughout generations. You would rather spend a little extra from what you budgeted to buy something better with improved features to allow you enjoy capturing what you want when and how instead of wasting money on canon EOS 700D and regret the services later.

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