6 reasons not to buy canon EOS 1300D

Cameras are the best way of keeping a memory alive and valid. Anything you want to remember and have in mind forever can be easily kept safe with a flush. With a simple camera to use and maintain it’s possible to say that you are ready to explore the world and have a personal taste for adventure. However, there are different things that you should know about cameras that may lead you picking either the wrong tool for the right job. When it comes to Canon EOS 1300D, chances are you are thinking it’s the best deal since they are the new make in the market. There are things that you should learn to help you stay away from investing in the camera and instead go for other models.

Drawback and Disadvantages of Canon Eos 1300d

Canon Eos 1300D Body

Drawback and Disadvantages of Canon EOS 1300D

  1. Burst mode

If you are a sports fan and you are in love in taking photos of your favorite sportsmen/ women then this is not the best root for you.  The burst mode of the camera is not as effective as expected therefore making it hard to capture objects that are in motion. If all you want is to have a good capture of a moving vehicle on the race course and keep your attendance memories intact, then buying canon EOS 1300D is to a camera to go for. It only has 3 frames per second and thus the flickering of images is not lifelike or as realistic as the actual motion is.

  1. Canon EOS 1300D Lens is below the standards

The effectiveness of a camera is determined by the power of the camera. EOS 1300D being the ultimate successor of EOS 1200D, then you expect that the lens power should as well be improved beyond the one used in the previous make. Instead, it’s better to use the lens on EOS 1200D than the once on the new camera make since the old camera has two lenses which make it more powerful and user-friendly. Lens dictates the ultimate power of the camera, when you have a poor lens then the images resolution and sharpness will automatically be of substandard. Still, the camera’s life will mainly depend on the lens.

  1. The main disadvantage of Canon EOS 1300D is the Megapixels sensor

If you already own a canon EOS 1200D, you are better off in sticking with that since there is nothing unique that should push you towards purchasing the new model of 1300D. Apart from the fact that it has the WI-FI option, it still contains the same feature of the old model camera.  This camera only has 18 Mp which is pretty low when compared with other cameras in the same price range. This resolution will not be helpful to you if you need to produce large prints.

  1. The Price

It’s true to say that when you are going for a camera, all you are looking for is the not the brand but a camera that will serve you in line to what you are paying for.  However, when it comes to cannon EOS 1300D price and the camera does not convert. The gadget becomes too expensive considering that there are other brands with a better offer than the one you get from the camera. For the same price, is easy to get a camera from a different company which has advanced features compared to canon.

  1. One of the biggest drawback of Canon EOS 1300D is Autofocus

This camera only has an autofocus of 9 AF. That is too less for an upgraded version of 1200D, . Autofocus is important when it comes to focusing an off-center object. With lower focus points, you will have to recompose the camera when trying to focus on a particular point. Even some phones today do a better job than this camera.

  1. It’s just as EOS 1200D

There is no better way of talking of Canon EOS 1300d apart from just saying it’s another EOS 1200D. All the features remain the same which make it a little expensive for what it is. When you take a closer look at the camera from the cover and the arrangement of the specifications, you will not note any difference at all. The manufacturers did not take time in changing anything to keep the cameras different. Apart from the few digital adjustments which are not observed fast hand, it’s easy to get confused while at the market and get 1200D instead of 1300D.


When you are keen on details you will found out that the camera is just average in terms of its performance and reception to the photography industry. It does not have much to offer when it comes to the type of images you would wish to have for any occasion. It just has standard performances, therefore, making it unfit when you want to have critical photography.

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