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6 Reasons not to buy Google Pixel

Google Pixel smartphones were launched on Oct 5th 2016 and since then they are the talk of the town regarding several drawbacks found inside it.

Below you will find 6 reasons suggesting disadvantages of google pixel mobile. On having a look at these drawback of google pixel mobile, you will be made to carefully think before investing on this expensive smartphone.

6 Reasons not to go for google pixel mobile

1. There is No OIS in Google Pixel:

The rear camera used in google pixel surely gets the maximum DxO rating, though even with a leading price tag, the smartphone lacks OIS or Optical Image Stabilization in the camera to get less frazzled images. The camera in this smartphone does possess EIS or Electronic Image Stabilization which applies the calculations made by the Gyro sensor, but that can never relate to an appropriate hardware stabilization operation. With the rivalry providing OIS as standard, the Google Pixel phones surely has this reason to concern about. This is one of the disadvantages of google pixel mobile posing serious problem on the display of images and ultimately the image quality.

Google pixel mobile review

Google Pixel – Photo from Google product page

2. No stereo speakers:

Google Pixel smartphones lack the stereo speaker setup and in its place loads up a mono speaker at the lowermost of the smartphone. This is a kind of buzz kill in view of the attractive OLED panels on the smartphone, which would have enriched the overall viewing experience. In particular, the sound quality of the speakers is not good when the volume is fixed to its three peak levels, creating a scratching, popping sound. This drawback of google pixel mobile is serious for those who are much addicted to music and audio uses.

2. Expensive:

Google Pixel smartphones are having an appealing high price tag, particularly when they are having issues such as waterproof, design, memory, battery and many more. Pixel 32 and 128 GB are priced at 649$ and 749$ making google pixel over price in comparison to features it offers. Consumers expect more from google smartphones particularly when they are paying high prices. It is not worth the price expended for purchase of this smartphone.

4. Design:

The design of google pixel smartphones is a rip off of the iPhone and htc and models. Even the mid-range kind of android smartphones manages having a good and striking design for their smartphones. Google pixel comes with 8.5mm thickness which is a greater than any smartphone in the segment. There is also a problem with the side edge in this smartphone as the side edges seem triple layered (front chamfer, lateral frame metal strip and the curved portion of the rear edges).

5. Not Water Resistant:

Google Pixel smartphones are not at all waterproof; they are unable to endure a water splash. This is a noteworthy disadvantage for the one looking for versatility and flexible use of the smartphone. Now it is common that every high-end device is providing water resistance feature; it is a critical feature for most tech savvy consumers. Google Pixel is rated IP58, signifying it can take a little splash, but when you drop it in water or take it out in full rain, you will face the utmost damage.

6. Battery Issues:

This has been a standard issue in Google smartphones and regrettably it is found in Google Pixel as well. From a customer viewpoint, it is always superior to have removable batteries, but google pixel does not come with removable batteries. Removable batteries help to avoid overheating and increase the possibility of preventing damage. The battery life is also one serious problem found in this smartphone. The minor 5-inch Pixel with less battery capacity of 2770 mAh battery does not offer the longevity, giving you less wiggle room if you have heavier-than-normal use or failed to charge overnight. This is one of the major disadvantages of google pixel mobile.

Above discussed are the major 6 reasons that suggest you not to buy Google Pixel smartphone.

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