Free Google Adsense module and plugin for joomla

7 Best Google Adsense module and plugin for joomla

Google Adsense is the most competitive and best Advertising Program. It lets you generate income by serving Google Adsense Advertisements on your website.

How to apply and place Google Adsense ads on a  joomla website :

  • Register with Google AdSense website: or using  your existing or new gmail account. (Don’t forget to add a Privacy Policy – Copyright page to your website, including a Google  AdSense Cookies Section to accelerate approval process).
  • Wait for your Google AdSense account to be verified.
  • Download and install  Google AdSense extension for Joomla!
  • Copy your Google AdSense code and Paste it in the extension parameters and click publish.
  • If your Google AdSense account is not yet activated, you will see a blank space instead  of Google AdSense ad unit.
  • You have to wait some days for your Google AdSense to be activated and serve Ads on your site.

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1. Ads Elite

This is the unique extension that uses 100% of New AdSense Asynchronous Code advantages by loading one instance of async script ( Just before ), even if using multiple ad units ( AdStarter plugin included ). And also the unique extension that converts your Synchronous code to Asynchronous and vice versa.

The new asynchronous code is designed to improve web latency and allow page content to load  without getting held up by ad serving. (Including Module/Plugin) You can place up to 3 (Not more than 3) AdSense ad units per page  Google AdSense Ad implementation policies.

2. Phoca GAE

Phoca GAE is a Joomla! module which displays Google AdSense code on your site easy way. Don’t waste your time filling out a lot of forms. Just copy your Google AdSense Code and paste it into your Joomla! site. This way the Google Search code and Google Calendar code  can be added too.

3. DC Google Ads

This plugin allows you to choose where you want to display your Joomla AdSense adverts on your website. Many plugins have determined spots where your AdSense is displayed in Joomla. With our plugin, you control where you want your Adsense ads to appear in your content.

4. AdSense Ads for Ignite Gallery

The AdSense Ads Plugin for Ignite Gallery, enables any kind of Ads (including Google AdSense code) to be placed above and below the main image. The plugin will display any JS/HTML ad code inside IgniteGallery, including Google AdSense and the new Responsive AdSense ads.

Key Features:

  • Place AdSense ads right- above and below the main image
  • Enable/Disable top and bottom ads for iGallery
  • Accepts any HTML/JS code
  • lightweight and simplistic
  • fully tested with over 10,000,000 hits

5. KISS GooSence

KISS GooSence – a module to easily integrate Google Adsense Ads into your Joomla website. It is configurable very simply and has got multiple features such as multichannel support. The module runs with Joomla 3.x, it is also suitable for Joomla 2.5 (at least 2.5.19).

6. Google Ads Master

Joomla Google Ads Master is the module you need to generate income for your website. Google Ads Master allows you to display your google ads inside your website in any template module position or even inside content articles. Since is fully integrated in Joomla module framework, you can maximize your revenue by publishing the AdSense ads in your template areas that return more clicks. The must have module for any serious webmaster. Also we payed special attention to the code, it’s short, slick and fast for better ads load times.

7. Advertising

Advertisement easy is a Joomla! module. Don’t waste your time filling out a lot of forms. Just copy your Advertisement (Google AdSense) Code and paste it into your Joomla! site!

Google Adsense in Joomla Content

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