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Free Thunderbird Viewer to Preview Evidence from Thunderbird Email Database

This guest post is by Rollins Duke – Technical Analyst

Get free Thunderbird Viewer that is helpful for legal use to find evidence from Mozilla Thunderbird email database. It is great choice to read Thunderbird email without email client dependency.

Mozilla Thunderbird with its launch in the year 2003 has experienced a massive growth in the count of its users. With such an increment in the consumers, the number of illegal activities instigated by Thunderbird users also has increased. Therefore, in order to reach out the suspects and prove them guilty in the lawsuit, the Thunderbird emails forensic analysis is necessary. For doing the same, it is important for the investigators to execute the in-depth analysis of the Thunderbird emails. This can be done with the assist of a specialised precise tool like Thunderbird Email Viewer.

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Mozilla Thunderbird

Manual Extraction of Evidences from Mozilla Thunderbird Files

The data of Mozilla Thunderbird is stored locally in the user machine in the form of MBOX file. These files are very much important to extract the information regarding the conducted felonies. Basically, the Thunderbird support the format which stores the email files. For each default mail folder in Thunderbird, a corresponding supported format is created locally. They have the same name as of the default mail folders. For example, Inbox folder of Thunderbird client has a file named as INBOX. It is to be noted that these file does not contain any extension.

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If we look more in detail, the user defined email folders and Sent Mail folder can be found under [Gmail].sbd folder. The IMAP mail profile of Thunderbird get stored in the folder named ImapMail.

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Thunderbird – Sent mail

The Mozilla Thunderbird IMAP mail profile gets stored in the folder named ImapMail.

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Thunderbird- IMAPMail

On the other side, profile of POP mail folder and local folders are stored in Mail folder.

Thunderbird POPMail

Thunderbird-POP Mail

Other files that stores the information related to Thunderbird emails include global-message-sqlite.db file. This can be get at the location as shown in the screenshot. Thunderbird uses this file to Index and to search mails.

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Mozilla Thunderbird SQLTE File

The Ultimate Thunderbird Email Viewer to Extract Evidences from Mozilla Thunderbird

The Mozilla Thunderbird Viewer is one of the most far-farmed utility, deployed by forensic investigators to carve out the evidences from Thunderbird emails. The software concentrates on the extraction of data from the supported file of Thunderbird that saves Thunderbird mails locally. This robust and powerful mechanism makes it possible to extract the evidences from even corrupted or deliberately damaged Thunderbird mailbox file. It will give the detailed preview of each strand of data residing in the mailbox file. The tool enables forensic investigators to carry out the deep evaluation of the source of the emails through email header analysis, email body analysis and attachments. Some of the exemplary features of Thunderbird Viewer that makes it a class apart are:

  1.  Advance auto detect feature that automatically locate Thunderbird files which are stored on the system to easily open & view the system.
  2.  Number of email views ensures in-depth analysis of email headers, email and attachment properties and etc.
  3. Dynamic search options including custom search filters that ensure effective keyword-targeted mail search among Thunderbird emails.
  4. Link analysis intelligence exhibits exchanges emails between culprit and the associated suspects of a crime.
  5. Bulk Thunderbird email files analysis which are corrupted without Mozilla Thunderbird client installation.
  6. Option to tag Thunderbird mails in order to categorize them for effectual and time savvy investigation.
  7. Team Collaboration feature that allow multiple forensic investigator to work on Thunderbird mails on different machines so as to generate maximum output.

.MSF File (Mail Folder Summaries)

Thunderbird contains the corresponding .MSF files which is used to store folder indexes of Thunderbird in Mork format. This format is used by Mozilla Thunderbird email client to store the data like address book.

Thinder .msf file location

Thunderbird .msf file

Extracting Evidences from Thunderbird emails manually, is a time consuming and a whole disorganized task. Manual procedures do not guarantee complete recovery of artifacts and pose the danger of missing essential evidences. There Thunderbird Viewer is the first choice of forensic experts in order to yield maximum output from the investigation.

Free Thunderbird Email Reader Features

  • Automatically find Thunderbird mailboxes from your machine to view them
  • 100% freeware utility comes without any hidden charges
  • It has advance Search option to find any particular component from whole database
  • Mozilla Thunderbird configuration is not required during read emails
  • Manual option also available to load email in software panel by clicking on Open button
  • It is capable to preview Thunderbird email with attachments and other components
  • Supports MOZMSGS and WDSEML folders of Thunderbird
  • Simple to use software so it can be run by non-technical users without having any problem
  • The tool supports all Windows Operating Systems
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