I hate online shopping

Why I Quit Online Shopping

In a modern age where technology advances on a day to day basis, customers become more and more comfortable buying apparel and accessories online. The need to step out of home to buy one’s necessities has decreased. Online Shopping websites offers home delivery systems with a wide range of products in store.

With the difference in person, there might have been our differences in the way one approaches online shopping. Some might find it easier and convenient while others may not. Let us look into some of the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping.

Advantages of online shopping:

Online Shopping website offers customers to have a wide range of products displayed at their screen. A wide range of choices to choose from. It allow users to shop at their leisure that too across multiple marketplace at one go. It allows customers to shop for special products that they couldn’t get in their own country.

Online shopping allows customers to stay at home, wait for delivery of the product they wish to buy. They need not drive to the mall to shop. There are no lines and queue. You can come back to your cart whenever you want and also you can even make a wish list in your account.

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The days of bargaining have passed. Online Shopping sites displays products at reasonable prices and leaves the customer to decide whether to buy that product at that cost. This gives freedom to customers, to decide at their own will.

Moreover, you can scour the Internet for online coupon codes or special discounts as well.

On the other hand, online shopping has its own disadvantages.

Online Shopping websites have their own shipping rates for different sorts of products. Free shipping at time comes up, but that too may come at a cost. For instance, a clothing store may offer free shipping but at a minimum of some amount of purchase. This is a burden for online customers.

Not every online shopping site are safe to buy from. There are only few websites whose return policies are trustworthy. Customers tend to provide their online banking details where they could have been robbed.

A descent internet connection is a must for online customers. There always is a probability of transaction failure. And also there are a lots of scam website offering great discount and collecting bank details and customers details. So, this is one of the main reason I hate online shopping. Mostly Scam website will not provide COD (Cash On Delivery) for payment method option. Do not trust  eCommerce website  without SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer ) certificate and don’t make payment online if you don’t see https in the website url. Lets talk about more details on SSL and Https in our next article.

In online shopping websites, you can only observe images of the products you wish to buy, the delivered product may or may not be same as they describe on their website. At times, the handy work of professional photographers and photoshoppers may be a burden to online customers.

For an impatient person, waiting for your product to be delivered can be a pain. There is a lack of instant gratification and even possibilities of delay when it comes to receiving your items. At times, a damaged product may be delivered causing dispute with sellers. The product could eventually got lost in the process of delivery, or wrong item, wrong size, color, etc may be delivered causing a lot of inconvenience to online customers.

After waiting for your products to be delivered for a day or two, you might have to return your product in case of damage or other reasons, thus consuming time.

My opinion: If you have shopping malls in your neighborhood then try to avoid online shopping unless the required item is not present in your malls. It’d be best for online shoppers to avoid online payment rather opt for Cash On Delivery system. These were just some of my honest opinion. Hope this helps.

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