Why is joomla better than wordpress?

Why is joomla better than wordpress?

WordPress is very good as a blogging platform, but it is not that flexible as joomla CMS to create a real standard website and corporate website. Most of the designer  preferred the way Joomla handles module, plugin  and separate component.

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WordPress’s core system lacked a lot of the functionality that came preloaded with Joomla. The target audience for WordPress is meant for people who are not designers or developers. The ability to control every facet of website behavior is important for a designer/developer. Joomla has a fairly simple system for Template Overrides.

Why is wordpress not good enough for standard website?

In WordPress all pages are the same. There is a plugin that allows some flexibility in widget placement but most of them were also not  up to expectation. To have any pages customized they have to be hand coded which of course requires a developer. Out-of-the box Joomla allows us to customize the sidebar and presentation of pages to optimize the user experience. To customaize wordpress you need PHP knowledge, only CSS and HTML knowledge are not enough.

Why is joomla better than wordpress?

Why is joomla better than wordpress?

Also, the variety of extensions available for Joomla is much greater than WordPress. Joomla has module, plugin and component but wordpress is function only by plugin. Even those plugin are not that flexible when compared to joomla module, plugin and component. Joomla offers more opportunities to change the website – make some customizations and modifications. Joomla is more suitable for those who have already some experience with websites.

Joomla have inbuilt gzip compression in the configuration setting but wordpress inbuilt gzip compression is not in the admin dashboard. Only advance user know where to turn on the inbuilt gzip compression in wordpress.

Conclusion :

  • Joomla is much more powerful than WordPress.
  • Joomla’s JED (Joomla Extension Directory) is much better than WordPress’s Plugins Directory.
  • Joomla is easier and flexible than wordpress for website designer.
  • WordPress can become very slow when article comes to multiple categories (Joomla doesn’t allow that).
  • Joomla’s learning curve is steeper than that of WordPress.
  • Those who work with Joomla are generally more professional than those working with WordPress.
  • Joomla and WordPress are the same when it comes to security.

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